The global approach towards safety from the Siemens Global Skill Centre for Occupational Safety, Navi Mumbai

There is no compromise when it comes to safety. Continuous training on latest equipment and techniques is the first step towards the “Zero Harm Culture” that enables individuals to work responsibly without accidents.

It is established that Awareness, Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, Proper Planning, Technically correct work procedures, Vigilance and Ownership are the prerequisites for attaining a culture of Zero Harm.

Recognizing the need to provide high-quality training on safety, Siemens India with support from Siemens AG has set up the Siemens Global Skill Centre for Occupational Safety at Navi Mumbai.

SITRUST TM is a unique training program based on best global practices adapted to Indian conditions. The program includes an extensive practical component with a simulated project site environment and uses “Learn the Theory, Master the Practice” skills.

The training incorporates simulations and practical case studies of complex risks combined with multiple hazards, such as Working at Heights, Close to High Voltage Power Lines, Welding/Gas Cutting Activities, etc.

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